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2019 ABC/ASPE Kansas City Estimating Academy

We are proud partners of the ASPE and sponsors of the 2019 ABC/ASPE Kansas City Estimating Academy.

We’ll tell you why you matter

According to McKinsey, the construction industry can boost productivity by some 50 to 60%. Many GC’s and sub’s are already deep into new ways of working and they are tapping into their cost estimators to improve productivity.

Every day inside construction companies, estimators are working to understand the entirety of a project, so they can submit successful and profitable bids. Accuracy is a key to that success, as is understanding how the project will be built.

Through this keynote, we’ll show you why and how the estimator is the source of increased transparency, collaboration and efficiency – and provide insights on how to move into new ways of working (with case stories).

Ignited Minds – Event Co-Sponsored by ASPE Chapter 32 and Sigma Estimates 

If you’re attending ASPE chapter 32 or happen to be in the Kansas city area during Feb 7-8th, this event is a great opportunity to connect with your local estimating community, local news on latest technologies, participate in focus groups and more!

For more details or to register online, click button below!