3 Tips for Faster Concrete Estimating

3 Tips for Faster Concrete Estimating

The traditional methods for estimating concrete jobs are wasteful. Scrutinizing paper plans and outdated spreadsheets takes up unnecessary time that could be spent on more valuable tasks. The more time you spend on a single estimate, the less time you have to drive other sales or be in the field.

Concrete estimating software frees up your time by streamlining the process from takeoff to finished estimate.


With a simple yet comprehensive interface that allows you to track materials, labor, past project data, and more in one place, you can deliver accurate quotes in much less time. Here are three ways you can leverage concrete estimating software to bid faster.


Slash takeoff time with Concrete Estimating Software

A digital concrete estimation solution makes it easy to determine what’s needed for both standard and specialty concrete projects. By looking to past project data, you can quickly calculate materials, equipment, and labor quantities. No more making materials lists from scratch or fussing with spreadsheet formulas.

Sigma seamlessly integrates with leading 2D takeoff software PlanSwift to serve as a dedicated tool that significantly reduces takeoff time.

Access accurate cost data

The sooner you achieve an accurate material cost estimate, the sooner you can deliver a winning bid. Concrete software lets you price materials and labor quickly by giving you easy access to current cost data.

Stop contacting individual suppliers for quotes or relying on outdated price books. Sigma enables you to import your own price books, upload supplier data, and integrate directly to BNI costbooks or RSMeans.

Focus on your most profitable projects

Concrete estimating software not only helps you bid faster, it also helps you avoid crafting estimates that aren’t worth your time. You can analyze past projects to discover which project types are most profitable and best suited to your business.

Sigma gives you 360 degree insight into your margins and predicted costs. You get to focus your time on concrete quotes that will lead to the highest returns.


By bringing all of the data and capabilities you need into one shareable interface, Sigma can save you up to 85% of the time you would normally spend on concrete estimates.

Simplify the entire concrete estimating process with streamlined, easy-to-use, cloud-based software.

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