5D Cost Estimating and BIM

Connect Cost Data To Design for Smart Field Execution and Management

 Connect to 5D Estimating with Sigma

Sigma keeps you truly connected by giving you access to 5D Estimating information, linked to the model, that allows you to pass project information between the (2D) digital planning, 3D Modeling and 4D cost and scheduling of the overall construction process. Sigma solved this challenging process of nonlinear components in the Construction ecosystem and associated phases by developing the 5D Estimating Solution, built to destroy the Silo System, so that you can connect Sigma Estimating to your Project Management for 5D estimating data. That is a truly connected Construction Team.

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Features of Our Estimating Software & 5D BIM

Create informational transparency using cost and planning accuracy

Connect and utilize data with 2D and 3D design

Create and deliver data for planning and field execution - 5D estimating data

Build up and share cost and assemble knowledge from historical projects

Extend functionality to related relevant workflows and processes with the Open API

Common Estimating Issues that May Sound Familiar


Tedious and time-consuming manual data entry (overwhelming, complex quantity take off and detailing)


Inaccurate Bid due to data entry errors and omissions


Errors and oversights due to constant transfer of data from different documents


Difficulty tracking design changes, updating budgets and creating live breakdowns

How Does 5D Estimating Work?

Automated Takeoff Data

Sigma’s 5D Estimating can access data contained in the 2D digital plans or the 3D model.  This means the normal time-consuming and error-prone duties is largely elimated from the Estimators workload.


System Calculations

The reduction in manual processes such as measuring or counting everything in a set of plans or model will inevitably reduce the level of errors. And you can imagine that it can drastically increase the overall accuracy.

Re-Use Historical Data

With our quick and easy 2D quantity takeoff and 3D Model takeoff, you can easily access historical cost data and easily get a structured overview of all model assemblies that is ready-to-estimate ready-to-share or both.

Connect your Data across systems Store and Upload

You have the ability to connect estimate data across your systems. With a click of a button,  your estimate will be placed in the BIM 360 cloud to use for project planning, cost management and more.  Plus, you  control  what information is accessible based on role or project *

Pass 5D Estimating Data to the Field to Manage Costs

Your 5D estimating data can be passed to cost management tools to let field management compare actual vs. budgeted data. Plus, in a single click your estimate can be transformed to a CSI budget and added to your BIM 360 Cost Management.*

Get the Project Built Right with Construction Insight

Your Project Managers now have complete insight to the project with 5D estimating information that’s visualized in a 3D model for project field execution. By sharing a simple link, you can give your field personnel a complete understanding of not only how  to build, but also the costs, materials and the specifications. *

(*)  Autodesk BIM 360 subscription may be required

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