5D wave hits international construction industry – Autodesk and Sigma form global VDC partnership

As part of a clear strategy to bring 3D and 5D BIM closer together, thereby delivering on the promise of the BIM/VDC platform, US Autodesk and Danish Sigma Estimates have formed a global partnership.

With Autodesk as the world’s leading 3D design platform and Sigma Estimates as leader in 5D BIM, the plan is to forge an even stronger link between the design phase and the construction and production phase, according to John Adams, Senior Industry Strategy Manager, Construction at Autodesk.  A link that, among other things, delivers greater profitability for building projects.

Together, Sigma and Autodesk can develop and mature the Autodesk BIM/VDC model, by targeting architects, consultants and contractors.  The close coupling between 3D and 5D BIM is crucial for achieving full project insight and overview and thus better managing the projects.  That is why we are pushing the 5D BIM offensive, explains John Adams.

The solution brings together design, planning and finance in real time

With a close integration and direct LiveLink between the Revit and Sigma programs, Autodesk and Sigma have already brought about a paradigm shift in the digital tools and methodologies used in the construction industry several years ago.

The solution, combining design, finance and real-time updates in Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) means decisions can now be made based on accurate information.  The close link constitutes the foundation of the future partnership, which is now spreading out across a global market taking a decisive step towards digital production platforms, according to Magnus Therkildsen, CEO at Sigma Estimates.

With a digital production platform, value created once in production can subsequently be re-used in other projects.  This is where architectural firms, consultants and constructors have begun to see how valuable data in 3D models can provide a basis for even more value in 5D models. This development is now accelerating on the back of this close partnership, explains Magnus Therkildsen.

5D BIM ready for next big win

The 3D wave has already rolled over the industry, but now it is all about 5D, which is set to be the next big win by BIM. This is due to the big gains foreseen by Magnus Therkildsen in time savings, error minimization, automation of quality assurance, as well as better co-ordination and understanding between project managers and designers.

5D is also about data management, where data flows freely into other systems. In addition, 5D provides data to subsequent processes such as Planning and Facilities Management etc. and therefore we are seeing 5D being adopted in earnest right now by architects, consultants and contractors etc. says Magnus Therkildsen.

The partnership between Autodesk and Sigma Estimates is based on both a technological and commercial set-up.