About Sigma Estimates

Sigma Estimates has become the estimating software leader in Europe in less than ten years. We help our users win and manage profitable construction projects.

The reason is Sigma

Sigma is one of the most user-friendly estimating programs you’ll find. With only basic computer skills, you’ll find that it’s possible to save up to 85% of the time otherwise spent on estimates. Sigma enables you to build winning proposals quickly with the confidence that they are accurate and provide the level of detail needed to instantly share information with your partners. In short, Sigma creates the foundation for profitable projects.

The Story behind Sigma

Founded in 2003, Sigma Estimates® became the market leader in software solutions for calculation in less than ten years. In October 2020, Sigma Estimates was acquired by EG.

Sigma Estimates is one of the most user-friendly calculation programs you can find – and with basic IT skills it is possible to save up to 85% of the time you would normally spend on a calculation.

Sigma Estimates sees its most important task as developing IT that promotes and improves the work with calculation tasks in the construction industry. But it must also be seen in a bigger context, which is why Sigma is also the ultimate tool when a company’s work processes need to be streamlined.

Sigma typically helps companies to find best practice, select the projects that generate profits and foster knowledge-sharing within the company, just to mention a few of Sigma’s many advantages.

A part of EG A/S

For more than ten years, EG has supplied software to the Danish construction industry and acquired Sigma Estimates in October 2020. With the acquisition, EG has strengthened its position as a supplier of innovative calculation and management tools for handling data flows in the Scandinavian construction industry, especially in Norway and Denmark.

EG now has more than 12 000 customers in the construction industry and close to 200 employees in Denmark and Norway specializing in construction.