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Built-In Benefits

The benefits of our Architect and Engineer Estimating Software

Stay on Top of Project Tasks

Our architect and engineer estimating software makes it easy to connect design and construction to deliver high performing projects. With Sigma it is simple to track and document cost, quantities and descriptions, as well as deliver data for resource planning. No matter the type of project, complexity or scale, Sigma is adaptable to support your work.

Improve Collaboration

Minimize unforeseen challenges in the building process through better understanding between the project stakeholders. Our architect and engineer estimating software will be the keystone in creating a common language between all project partners, and providing transparency to your project.

Real-time Design & Finance Updates

With Sigma it only takes one click of a button to print neatly formatted estimates and proposals for your customers with all the information they need. It will be easy for you and your customers to gain a common understanding of the scope and agree on the project at hand to avoid long explanations or misunderstandings.

Connect Estimating and Design

Create your project from scratch in Sigma in the same logical way as you would build it, or extract individual building parts from your 2D, 3D / BIM program together with the dimensions and material usage information. Sigma captures the structure and the financial information of the design of the project together.

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Customers Testimonials

With Sigma implemented across all countries, our design and development teams will get a digital estimation workflow, with everyone having instant access to updated data. In addition, the production managers will gain a better financial overview throughout the entire construction process because data can now flow freely between Sigma and our other systems

Patrik Lindvall

Global Head of VDC, Bonava

Sigma is a fast, flexible and precise tool in contrast to, for example, a spreadsheet. It is possible to reuse actual data from previous projects, and there is a direct link to the standard local cost databases, like RSMeans, ÅF or Molio.

Bo Grave

Rambøll Group

If I had to be doing math all day, it would make my job a whole lot harder. It’s much easier when the math is already done. You just have input the dimensions and then it does the calculations. Hourly wages, material costs, and any carpentry costs with the markup for whatever job you’re doing, and it puts it all together

Matthew Morck

Estimator, Oakwood Contractors, Inc.

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Why Choose Sigma?

Get the profitable business you’ve always wanted with our architect & engineer estimating software

When you became a self-employed contractor, you were probably surprised at just how much time you had to spend in the office.

With our architect & engineer estimating software, you will have more time to get on-site and do what you love instead of sitting in the office all day.

Using Sigma, you estimate and prepare quotations in the same logical way as you would build them. This makes it much easier to use than a normal spreadsheet.

Prepare estimates in the same logical way as you would tackle building the project

You’ll see life is easier with Sigma from the minute you start your first estimate. You prepare estimates in the same logical way that you will build the project.

You’ll add the different building parts and details about materials. Then you estimate them by retrieving pricing and material amounts from online pricing databases or your own historical data.

Estimate more accurately to make more money

In Sigma, you have a powerful estimating tool that makes accurate proposals. Basing your quotations on estimates made by Sigma, you can be sure you pursue projects you make profits on.

The Summary sheet presents an overview of your estimate. If you change the total price in your quote or make any changes, your gross margin will automatically be recalculated, and you can see the impact of the change at the level of individual building parts.

This lets you get sharper with your pricing, allowing you room to negotiate pricing without destroying your profits.

Send your estimate with the click of a button

One of the biggest time-wasters is writing your estimate and proposal. Even if you already use a self-made template, all the pricing and material information needs copying from your estimating spreadsheet and putting neatly into your proposal if you want to give a professional impression of your business.

All that work is reduced to the click of a button with Sigma. It generates all relevant documentation and even the accompanying letter in PDF format for you to send to the customer. Everything is professionally formatted, including your business’s logo. The document gives all the estimate information you want your clients to see.

Get everything you need with one trip to the building suppliers

You can print a materials list and work schedules with a single click, so you’re ready to go with your project the minute you win it. The materials list shows you exactly what you need so your employees can get it all in one visit to the building suppliers, avoiding unnecessary trips back and forth, and giving your customers a much better impression of your company.

Strike a better deal with your employees and subcontractors

Sigma gives you a great platform to strike better accords with your own employees and better deals with eventual subcontractors.

Sigma also tracks project deliverables and provides integration with pricing databases, allowing you to download the latest market rates for compatible jobs and mark up your work accordingly.

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