Track estimated costs from start to finish – in one click!

Sigma Estimates allows you to create organically in parallel with how you typically develop a project so that costs can easily be tracked through each stage of design. This allows you to capture the structure and the financial information of the project together through each stage of design and development, and enables smooth engagements with all project stakeholders.

With Sigma you will connect the dots between design and cost/budgets to keep the project on track without compromising its vision.

Provide quick and accurate estimates from the beginning based on your design

Sigma lets you complete a detailed and accurate estimate, project plan and financial overview right from the start and in very little time, enabling you to gauge profitability of the construction project from the very beginning.

You can import the total construction with all building parts from your 2D or 3D models, and link to projected material supply usage and pricing either from your own database, or online industry pricing databases. All the information about each building part is transferred over to Sigma, and arranged in a logical hierarchy in the Sigma program window. This makes it easy to navigate, allowing you drill down into each building part to examine how it is being built to estimate accordingly.

You can also reuse estimates from previous projects simply by dragging them over, without having to update the formulas or cell references. This means you can give the first estimate for the project as soon as you and the developer have agreed on the outline plans, which will impress your customer and create confidence in you as the project manager.

Harnessing the power of cost data

Leverage leading industry cost databases from RSMeans data with assembly and square foot model considerations for conceptual estimating and budgeting while allowing access to easily update your budgets as new revisions to the drawing develops. These revisions are tracked and also allow for hypothetical scenarios and gives users the ability to quickly complete 30 to 70 percent of the design development with direct links to the 3D model

You can also create and maintain your own customized pricing databases in Sigma if you wish, using data collected from your existing and previous construction projects. This allows you to calculate extremely accurate estimates and budgets at the beginning of each new project.

Unparalleled and direct Live Link to Autodesk Revit and BIM 360 app

Through a unique two-way direct Live Link to Autodesk Revit, Sigma provides a quick, intuitive and easy way to create a 5D BIM/VDC model, budget or cost estimation from a 3D model or connect an existing 5D model to a design. All it takes to transfer any 3D Model directly into Sigma for estimating is a click on the connect button.

It is even possible to assign cost and other information from the 5D model to the 3D Model – which enhances the value of the 3D Model for clients.

The two way link between Sigma and Revit further lets you visually explore and understand the connections of the 3D/5D models. If, for example, you click on a wall element in Sigma it will highlight in Revit to ensure full understanding of how everything connects. If I click the walls group heading, it will highlight all walls of this type. And if I click the Walls category, it will highlight all walls in the Revit model. And same the other way if you click in elements in Revit, they will highlight in Sigma.

Quality assurance reports during this phase are generated based on user preference for design resources, insights and figures while tracking and validating the project.

Improve workflows with extensive integrations and apps

Sigma integrates with multiple programs and formats for a seamless data transition. It ensures a consistent workflow, minimizes errors, and increases efficiency.
Built-in integrations such as seamless Excel import/Export and smooth integrations with Microsoft Project,
Microsoft Word, PDF, iFC and many more:

  • Microsoft Office programs
  • 2D Takeoff
  • 3D Models
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Accounting and ERP Software
  • Document management
  • Open format software

Try it out now

Do you want to see how much time Sigma can save you when estimating your construction project? Download a free version of Sigma here!

You’ll be amazed to see how fast it can be done
and how much time you can save.

Try it out now

Do you want to see how much time Sigma can save you when estimating your construction project? Download a free version of Sigma here!

You’ll be amazed to see how fast it can be done
and how much time you can save.

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