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Combine design, finance and real-time updates

Keep your projects on track! Sigma enables you to minimize risk, improve collaboration, and save time – by utilizing a central model available to all project stakeholders. Optimized BIM workflows, direct Live Link to Revit Models, and other 3D model imports provided in Sigma delivers thorough understanding of the link between cost, design, and construction in a user-friendly and intuitive digital solution.

Consistently deliver great projects at all levels of complexity

Sigma makes it easy to connect design and construction to deliver high performing projects. With Sigma it is simple to track and document cost, quantities and descriptions, as well as deliver data for resource planning. No matter the type of project, complexity or scale, Sigma is adaptable to support your work; from the first D&D budget, to a full or partial three point risk estimate, to the detailed final estimate, Sigma ensures profitability and creates the foundation for great projects.

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Connecting estimating and design – in one click!

Create your project from scratch in Sigma in the same logical way as you would build it, or extract individual building parts from your 2D, 3D / BIM program together with the dimensions and material usage information. Sigma captures the structure and the financial information of the design of the project together. With Sigma you will connect the dots between design and cost/budgets to keep the project on track without compromising its vision.

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“Using Sigma we were are able to easily create more accurate estimates and integrate it with Revit and a cost database while saving time on the entire cost estimation process.”

Stine Lykee Kjær
Construction Architect, JJW Architects


“We have become significantly sharper in the pricing of building materials on our projects. When we provide quotes, they are for the exact quantities that the contractors need, and this will be borne out in the project.”

Nicklas Østergaard
ICT & BIM Manager at Schmidt Hammer Lassen


Strengthen stakeholder collaboration with easy slice-n-dice of all the data

Minimize unforeseen challenges in the building process through better understanding between the project stakeholders. Sigma will be the keystone in creating a common language between all project partners, and providing transparency to your project. With just a few clicks, Sigma transform data and enables you to slice-n-dice the project information in a way that each stakeholder is familiar with and understands.

See how Sigma helps align project stakeholders!

Take advantage of Direct Live Link to Autodesk Revit and BIM 360

Sigma lets you create a 5D model directly from a 3D model in BIM 360 or directly from Revit through a real time Live Link – in one click!

This unique and simple to use digital tool gives you a quick and effortless way to create a full 5D BIM/VDC model budget or cost estimate from your 3D model. Visually explore and understand the connections of the 3D/5D model with just a few clicks.

You may build on and share your own historical cost data or take advantage of the recognized construction cost information from RSMeans data – from square foot to detailed 5D data that adds cost, activities, production rates, durations, descriptions and much more.

Explore how to improve BIM workflows with Sigma – harness the power of 5D BIM

Documentation and quality assurance made easy

Sigma provides effortless information sharing and gives you complete control of your project’s documentation and data – in a fraction of the time. You will be able to track the impact of changes or create what if scenarios. Updates are automatically reflected throughout your estimate without tedious manual input.  The built- in tools ensure a better workflow for increased transparency and high quality documentation and budget delivery.

Learn how you can bring updated documentation to your fingertips

Try Sigma for free in a 14 day trial period

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Sigma Enterprise

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Based on a 6 month contract

Try Sigma for free in a 14 day trial period

without any obligations

Sigma Enterprise

choose between 1, 6 or 18 month


Based on a 6 month contract

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Sigma is the keystone of your construction project

Sigma is much more than an estimating tool. With Sigma you get a collaboration platform that intuitively connects finance, design and planning making your estimate easy to explain to your partners. You will save time and minimize risk, confident that materials supply and usage figures are up to date as changes automatically flow through the entire project and are visible to everyone.

5D BIM-integration with REVIT ensures your project gets off to a great start

With BIM integration and Direct Live Link to Autodesk REVIT, you will be able to visually understand and explore the connections between your design and your cost data. You can easily transfer all the data about the building parts, dimensions and material requirements to Sigma from your design, as well as link costs and data to your model.
This BIM integration automatically verifies transferred data to easily ensure you have the right building parts specified in Sigma. Just click on a section in Revit, and you will see it highlighted in Sigma – or click to expand a specific building part in Sigma and you will see that part highlighted in Revit.

Continuously updated material quantities and prices keeps the project on track

Sigma integrates with leading construction industry cost database, RSMeans data, and you can build your own cost library based on historical data. This ensures you always have the correct costs in your estimate. It gives you the ability to plan and control the budget for your construction project and ensures you base it on the most up-to-date information available. Sigma eliminates tedious manual updates to enable you to keep information about your project up to data and easy to share.

Give your project partners insight in a format they understand for better collaboration

Sigma automatically updates your bill of materials, pricing and other information with the click of a button. All your partners then have the information they need, in a format they are used to and can understand – and you can all get on with delivering the best construction project possible.

To see how Sigma helps you to manage better construction projects, download a free trial.  Or contact us using the form below, or by phone or email.

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