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Why Should You Join?

Spread the love and get rewarded in the process

30% commission

Simply point to Sigma Estimates in content and efforts already underway, and lean back while the sales and service team at Sigma works hard to close the deal and earn you 30% in commission.

Gain More Business

Grow your business by offering affordable estimating functionality to your existing customers. Leverage the open API to add Sigma for your customer’s current flows to satisfy their estimating needs.

Good Company with Opportunity

Join Sigma Estimates, the fastest growing construction estimating company and its network of leading solutions for professional estimating and 5D BIM.

For estimating experts, VDC wizards, contech consultants, and construction professionals. If you are passionate about estimating, preconstruction and 5D BIM we offer a program for you to earn extra income, expand your offerings and grow your business.

What they have to say about Sigma

If you really want an easy software to use, something that doesn’t get too complicated, this is something I’d recommend.

Matthew Morck |

Estimator, Oakwood Contractors

Sigma is a fast, flexible and precise tool in contrast to, for example, a spreadsheet. It is possible to reuse actual data from previous projects, and there is a direct link to the standard local cost databases, like RSMeans, ÅF or Molio.

Derrick Oltmann

Managing Director, Mclenco Construction Services

We wouldn’t be as profitable if we didn’t have Sigma.

Alesha Rhinier

Estimator and Project Controller, Cedars Woodworking & Renovations

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Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Partner Contact Info

For any questions about being a referral partner to Sigma, use of the Partner Portal, to share good ideas, to suggest improvement, etc. please email: [email protected] or reach out to Partner Manager, Krista Friis at [email protected].

Referral Program Questions and Answers

What is Sigma Estimates Referral Program?

The Sigma Referral program is meant to provide a platform and a community to help enable brand ambassadors, influencers and other partners to grow their revenue, broaden their offerings by working together with Sigma Estimates

– Growing our Business Together

The Program allows anyone to refer potential customers towards Sigma Estimates and hereby receive a commission should it result in a purchase of any of the Sigma Estimates products.

This is typically done by simply linking to the Sigma Estimates trial download page or contact form from one for your online sources, for example, newsletter, web site or blog post.

The links contain a specific tag that identifies you and therefore makes it possible to connect the customers’ purchase with you. It’s very simple, and once you join Sigma Estimates referral partner program, you will receive more details on how. We will help every step of the way.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Partnering with Sigma Estimates is an opportunity to grow your brand and increase revenue.

Your network, customers, and colleagues will benefit from Sigma Estimates by being able to vastly improve their estimating practices and better run their business.

Sigma users report time savings of up to 85%, better estimating workflow and bottom-line results. This is how we know that your network will be thrilled that you suggested they look into Sigma!

And you will earn commissions for just the referral, while you can rest assured that the sales and service team at Sigma will work hard to make sure your contact gets all the help they need to explore how Sigma can help them.

It makes you look great and earns you cash.

Who is a Good Fit for the Program?

The flexibility of the program makes it a great fit for a broad network of construction professionals – primarily with a network in the Estimating and Preconstruction world – e.g.:

• Estimating Consultants and Service Providers
• Construction Software Advisors and Educators
• Partners and Resellers of our integration partners (PlanSwift, Autodesk Revit,
Autodesk BIM360, BNi Costbooks, RS Means Data by Gordian, BIMObject etc.)
• Construction (tech) bloggers, and publications
• Sigma customers and users

Sigma is ONE solution for ALL in the construction industry

Owner -> Architects -> Engineers -> Contractors

How Much Do I Receive in Commissions?

Sigma Estimates Referral Partners earn 30% of the sale amount from each customer referred to using your code.

You will receive a commission on the first 12 months, or the first subscription period, whichever is longer.

That’s up to US $750+ per referral!

We pay a commission on Sigma Estimates software subscriptions (not 3rd party products).

And it’s completely free to become a Referral partner.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started as a referral partner is very simple. You must fill out an application form, provide simple information on yourself, and read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

We will review your application and if accepted, contact you to review the program and walk you through a few simple steps to qualify you to start earning commissions. You will then receive an email containing your referral Partner Portal login credentials and have access to links and promotion material.

Simple as that!

What Can I Do to Succeed?

We will provide resources and guidance on the portal to help you succeed, including content that you can adapt to your needs and get creative in ways to spread the word – just remember to use your partner links and identification.


• Feature Sigma in an exclusive email newsletter or your monthly newsletter
• Post reviews or tips&tricks from using Sigma on your youtube, website and other
• Feature Sigma on your existing media channels with at least three successive posts.
• Post blog posts about Sigma
• Host a webinar with Sigma on a range of topics, including AIA, CEP etc. Learning
Unit topics
• Co-branded online advertising promoting both your company and Sigma
• Host a presentation at an industry organization, user group, tradeshow, or other events.

We are always happy to connect with our partners on ways we may be able to support your efforts. Please e-mail us if you would like to use content that is not within the portal.

What Tools Do You Provide to Help?

We believe in win-win situations and provide hyperlinks, banner images, e-mail templates, videos, and product descriptions to help support your efforts. We are always open working with our partners to support their efforts.

When you send a lead our way, you can rest assured that the sales and service team at Sigma Estimates will work hard to make sure your contact gets all the help they need to explore how Sigma can help them.

This is our promise to you….

We hope you will find working with Sigma rewarding, fun and valuable for you as well as your network.

How Do I Track my Progress?

After you have been accepted into the program, you will be able to login to our Partner Portal and track your progress to know you are doing at any time. You will be able to see your referrals, sales, and commission results. You will also receive e-mail reports for each referral registered and every sale made. Please make sure you check in to the portal on a regular basis.

Our general contractor estimating software makes your life so much easier.

How Long is the Setup Process?

The time can vary, but we have partners who have been up and running in as little as a day and have generated referrals the very first day.

Contact our partner manager directly on [email protected] if you would like to know status on your application or have further questions to help the process.

Who Can I Talk to?

For any questions about being a referral partner to Sigma or if you are interested in working together with Sigma Estimates, but not sure our referral partnership model is right for you, please reach out to our Partner Manager at p[email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.

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