Build Accurate
Cost Estimates

With Sigma Estimating Software Bundled with BNi Cost Data

Manual Process Puts Your Project at Risk

Reduce your manual data processes with estimating software and cost data bundle and eliminate inaccuracies.

Stop Hunting for Errors or Broken Formulas

Get alerted when cells are empty or have incomplete inputs

Don’t Let a Simple Change be a Costly Mistake

All changes documented in an audit trail and get empowered with side-by-side comparison

You’ll Never Enter Another Incorrect Costs

Your Data is included and populated as part of your free trial.

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How the Sigma Bundle Works?

No time spent on Quality Assurance

 With the BNi cost data pre-loaded, you’ll have the accurate pricing information you need ready for use. 


Only Accurate Costs

Be protected from inadvertent errors with built-in notifications that informs users when there are empty cells and incomplete inputs that can impact an estimate.

Easy, Risk-Free Changes

If you have a customer who changes their mind often, then Sigma is the right Estimating Software. You can adjust the price in one place and the entire estimate will update.

Accurate Estimates From The Start

Try Sigma’s Estimating Software Free. Learn how an accurate estimate will save you time and help you earn more money.