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How Oakwood Contractors, Inc. saved time and streamlined their workflow to deliver high-quality cases on tight deadlines

Oakwood Contractors: A Chicago-Based Contractor Chooses Sigma as a Faster Construction Estimating Software

Oakwood Contractors, a Chicago-Based contractor, has prided itself for a generation on attention to detail, strict adherence to timelines, and smart budgets that embody its commitment to service and efficiency. The company focuses its skills on specializing in high-quality carpentry and millwork projects for numerous types of projects. In order to meet the strict standards of its business model, Oakwood Contractors uses Sigma construction estimating software. The high level of accuracy, speed, and ease of use of Sigma allow Oakwood to continually evaluate its estimates and streamline its workflows.

Sigma Meets the Wide Range of Estimating Needs of Oakwood Contractors

Oakwood Contractors was founded in 1982, and Matthew Morck, an estimator and third-generation employee at Oakwood, describes the work that the company does as, “A wide range of cases from locker rooms, dramatic entrances, to healthcare offices.” Matthew’s grandfather founded the company in 1982, and his sense of pride in the family business is as strong as his words for the way that Sigma has evolved the capabilities of the company. When describing the capability that Sigma software brought to his job, Matthew states:

“Sigma does the math for you, and that definitely saves a lot of man-hours. Clients can ask me how much it would be to put this specific product in. I’m able to go back into Sigma, go to that specific item, and tell them exactly what they need for it. I go from one program to the other when I work, and Sigma streamlines the cost of everything because it shows me in a quick, efficient way how much each feature and project is going to be. Plus, because the interface is almost identical to Microsoft Excel, it was easy for me to understand.”

Matthew, like many others in the business at Oakwood, utilizes Sigma every day to complete the takeoff, budgeting, and estimating work that the construction business needs to be competitive.

The comprehensive templates, quick libraries, and mistake-prevention features of Sigma are what made it stand out amongst other construction estimating apps that the company reviewed.

“I like that I’m able to set up a quick library where I can set up labor hours for specific duties (i.e. shelving, base cabinets, and upper cabinets.) It can also streamline the rest of your project in this manner. Sigma is even helpful with preventing mistakes. It’s able to validate the case, detect issues automatically, and throw up a red flag because it’s built specifically for estimates.”

“If you really want an easy software to use, something that doesn’t get too complicated, this is something I’d recommend.”
Matthew Morck Estimator, Oakwood Contractors

Sigma Offers Speed Unlike Any Other Estimating Software with Flooring

Sigma’s features make it one of the fastest estimating solutions for sub-contractors like Oakwood. Oakwood also serves in the general contractor role for some of the projects that it completes. When the company needs to step-up its efforts to make a project estimate from the ground-up, Sigma is still able to efficiently meet the need. Oakwood can stay in control of the budget as a general contractor by incorporating outside subcontractor estimates into the overall Sigma estimate for every project.

As an estimating solution, Excel is no match for the capabilities and tailored user interface of Sigma. Matt enjoys using the features to leverage the most out of his time and the Sigma construction estimating software.

“I like that I can see my summary, my labors hours, and my materials all in one single view. Sigma can break down my labor into hours per line item, per category. It can separate, sort, and manipulate just about anything I need it to. I also use the templates all the time. My company built a template to use for breakouts for all of the work we do. These templates significantly speed up my work, and they allow me to drag and drop the project templates and features from different projects into the current project that I’m working on.”

Sigma’s Excellent Customer Service Fits the Oakwood Contractor Mantra of Relationship Building

Just like Oakwood Contractors prides itself on the professional relationships that it has forged through years of quality work, Sigma also takes pride in its own commitment to customers through high-quality customer service. When Oakwood Contractors first adopted Sigma as their construction estimating software, the Sigma support team worked hand-in-hand to help Oakwood bring the new system online and to integrate it into the business.

I think their customer service is really great. You can get in touch with a human being very quickly. It’s really easy for me to get some answers. When I first started, I called to ask how to change the price of an entire project element without a major adjustment to the rest of the project. Once I called and spoke to a Sigma professional, I was able to get the help that I needed right away.

Making a Transition to Sigma Estimating Software Like Oakwood Contractors Did is the Smart Business Decision

The contractor and sub-contractor construction business is ever-changing and consistently moving forward as Americans need nicer, newer homes, restaurants and establishments. When a business purchases Sigma or signs on for its free trial, it is making an excellent decision that brings with it the full administrative and technical support of Sigma’s customer support professionals.

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