BNI Announces New Strategic Partnership with Sigma Estimates

BNI Announces New Strategic Partnership with Sigma Estimates

BNI Announces New Strategic Partnership with Sigma Estimates

The construction industry’s leading provider of cost data, BNi Building News, has partnered with Sigma to deliver today’s most powerful estimating package.

BNi and Sigma Estimates are teaming up to offer customers an exceptional suite of estimating tools. Numerous businesses who already trust Sigma for all of their estimating needs could not be more pleased with the integration of these two industry leaders to provide a quick, accurate, flexible, and connected solution for estimating and project management.

Partnering to Deliver the Best

The joint solution is a combination of BNi’s 70 years of providing accurate and comprehensive cost data, joined together with Sigma’s estimating solution, the most current and fastest growing estimating solution in North America.

The integration of Sigma Estimating Software adds a new dimension of functionality  to BNi’s extensive construction cost libraries. BNi cost data can be accessed directly while working inside of the Sigma application. While working on an estimate within Sigma, users can access cost data broken down into material and labor costs and based on current national averages, as well as easily account for labor costs based on prevailing rates for all trades and the most current equipment rental and operating costs.

Any type of estimate can accurately be created in record time, automatically checked for mistakes, easily understood by colleagues, and communicated to the field. Sigma brings BNi’s data to life with interactive material lists, job costing macros, activity planning infrastructure, and scheduling functions.

Customers Double their Revenue the First Year

Sigma and BNi’s already existing customers could not be more excited about the partnership between these two key elements of their business. Emil Forys , the technical director of PA Solutions South East, in an interview about PA Solutions’ integration of Sigma Estimating, stated “Since we started using Sigma over the last year, our revenue for the 2019 fiscal year was over $100 million dollars (2X increase). This is all because of the way we were able to respond to projects, we were able to venture into new areas of automation with a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in them.”

Other businesses have felt the expansion in capability that Sigma has enabled for their firms. Derrick Oltmann, Managing Director at Mclenco Construction Services, In. said about Sigma that, “The flexibility, feature set, and affordability makes it a no-brainer for someone looking to move away from Excel into a more structured, secure, and robust environment.”

News, Later this Year – Assemblies will Now Connect Design and Construction

More is on the horizon in the estimating world with this exciting partnership between BNi and Sigma. Coming later this year, BNi cost data will release complete assemblies that will make estimating even faster and prevent costly oversights. This upgrade is in response to the requests of numerous contractors and businesses in the estimating world. With the advent of this upgrade, estimators will be able to connect 3D models created in programs like Autodesk Revit or BIM 360 to editable construction estimate worksheets.

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BNI Announces New Strategic Partnership with Sigma Estimates

BNI Announces New Strategic Partnership with Sigma Estimates

BNI Announces New Strategic Partnership with Sigma Estimates The construction industry’s leading provider of cost data, BNi Building News, has partnered with Sigma to deliver today’s most powerful estimating package. BNi and Sigma Estimates are teaming up to offer...

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Partnership between Sigma Estimates and BNi Building News saves hours of estimating

Partnership between Sigma Estimates and BNi Building News saves hours of estimating

Introducing the Sigma + BNi Power Bundle; BNi Building News partners with Sigma Estimates to offer a flawless digital workflow with cost data and estimating in one 

BNi 2


Manual data lookup steals valuable time and exposes projects to unnecessary risk 

As an estimator, you probably spend valuable hours every day with tasks of manually looking up and transferring cost data into your estimates. This is a process that is not only time consuming and tedious, but prone to human error. With thousands of numbers to be transferred, combined with increased time pressure, it is not hard to imagine how mistakes can happen for even the most diligent estimators.  

Data integration and digital workflows offer a better alternative 

Because you don’t have much time to create an accurate estimate, an up-to-date database of cost is an extremely valuable resource to have. Using cost data directly from within your estimating tool will give you more time to find competitive advantages and improvthe accuracy of your estimates.  

Not only is the process of looking up and using prices almost instant with a few clicks, but in Sigma you are able to build extensive assemblies that you can simply drag and drop into estimates. As you build your library, it will become extremely fast and easy to put together the estimates. 

Now you can combine your data and estimating tool in one with not 1, not 2 but 8 cost books combined into 1 complete data set!

BNi features

The complete data set froBNi consist of 8 construction cost books combined into one fully digital and easy to use version. It features up-to-date costs for all the materials, labor and equipment that you would typically use, and you can instantly adjust to any region of the country. Whether you are preparing a preliminary estimate, evaluating a contractor’s bid, or submitting a formal budget proposal, you’ll find the data you need. 

Lay the groundwork, build upon it 

Most estimators will not rely on commercial cost books alone. Although data might get you 75% of the way, you need to adjust for local labor conditions, pricing from your local suppliers, and so forth. In Sigma you can keep expanding your libraries or cost databases based on your own experience, or you can import price list from your suppliers. Most estimators like to build libraries of assemblies that can be used on different projects, and this not only increases accuracy but reduces the time spent on an estimate. You can do this and more with Sigma and BNi. 

Whats more:  

Thanks to extensive integrations and open API in Sigma, you can furthermore link live to your takeoff through PlanSwift and your 3D models through Revit or BIM360 – connecting your cost data through Sigma with your designs directly in one platform further enabling you to improve your workflows and get on-board with BIM.



It is easier than you might think to move into this way of working 

If you are new to this, you can download a free trial or get a demo from our team. Through your Sigma trial, you will have access to a sample of the BNi construction cost data, so you can experience for yourself how easy it will be when you can access your data directly in your estimate.  

And once you are ready, you can get started with the world’s fastest growing cost estimating software, including BNi’s exhaustive cost data for all types of estimates, with no upfront investments and low risk monthly subscriptions from as low as $117 

Its easier than ever – Why wait?     

Get a Free Trial or Book a Demo

Sigma’s Referral Partner program is now live

Sigma’s Referral Partner program is now live

Looking for ways to be a part of the construction estimating world? Are you finding yourself reaching a ceiling in your growth? Are your prospects looking for something much more than what you can currently offer them? Whether you’re facing the above concerns or not, aligning yourself with a partner who can open a plethora of prospects for you is one of the most effective strategy you can employ. A Referral Partner can be worth a lot more to your business, especially when the partnership is formed between the right businesses.

We at Sigma Estimates are proud to announce that our Referral Program is now live!

At Sigma Estimates we believe in mutually beneficial relationships, and we strive to work with partners, who are as passionate as we are about improving estimating and the everyday lives of professional estimators.

Our referral partner program offers a platform and community to enable brand ambassadors, influencers, and other partners to grow their revenue, broaden their offerings, and increase lead generation by working together with us. Forming a strategic partnership with Sigma is a win-win situation that mutually benefits both the partners by opening up access to new markets, customers, products and resources.

Become a Referral partner today:

Sigma Estimates Partners with RSMeans data from Gordian

Sigma Estimates Partners with RSMeans data from Gordian

Strategic collaboration with RSMeans data from Gordian with a live link to Autodesk Revit set to transform the North American construction industry

Toronto, Canada – Sigma Estimates, a global leader in estimating software, announced today that in conjunction with RSMeans data from Gordian, they are transforming the 5D construction industry by delivering a single, integrated 5D platform to enable the next level of 5D Virtual Design and Construction VDC workflows.

“Through this platform, we provide an integrated, real-time view of project design, cost and schedule,” explained Magnus Therkildsen, CEO of Sigma Estimates. “We built Sigma to be a 5D BIM and estimating platform. Unlike alternative solutions, Sigma is 100% adoptable and object-oriented like the fundamental principles of BIM.”

By leveraging Sigma with Gordian’s RSMeans data through live integration to Revit, users gain direct access to cost and estimation tools through all stages of the project lifecycle. The platform provided by the three systems brings together planning, design and finance in real time, granting users a fast, data driven solution grounded by the familiarity of spreadsheets:

  • Sigma Estimates –  the most user-friendly professional estimating software on the market to sync 3D, 4D and 5D technologies in a collaborative environment.
  • RSMeans data from Gordian – access to North America’s leading construction cost and productivity information, providing insights into costs and risk elements across all project stages.
  • Revit from Autodesk – leverage intelligent linking of your traditional 3D models from Revit with 5D BIM results in a fully dynamic real-time model

“The solution combines design, finance and real-time updates in VDC, providing users with instant access to RSMeans data, the most trusted construction cost data with industry leading accuracy, directly integrated in their workflow, said Noam Reininger, Chief Data Officer, Gordian, “This radically improves budgeting and planning decisions throughout the project lifecycle by providing more up-to-date, accurate and specific cost data within the software environment that the user is most comfortable with.”

The combination of these solutions aligns 3D models with 4D scheduling and 5D costs to create useful information to explore consequence of what you want to build in terms of finance and risk.

By aligning 3D models with 4D scheduling and 5D costs, construction professionals benefit from improved efficiency, increased profitability, reduced risks and less need for changes and rework. The 5D BIM platform provided by Sigma Estimates in combination with RSMeans data from Gordian and Autodesk Revit will enable the construction industry to stay competitive, ensure growth and embrace the next level of 5D VDC workflows.

“We see 5D BIM as an imperative. The close coupling of 3D and 5D BIM is crucial for achieving more effective project insight and overview, thus allowing for better managed projects,” imparted Sarah Hodges, Director, Construction Business Line for Autodesk.

5D wave hits international construction industry – Autodesk and Sigma form global VDC partnership

5D wave hits international construction industry – Autodesk and Sigma form global VDC partnership

As part of a clear strategy to bring 3D and 5D BIM closer together, thereby delivering on the promise of the BIM/VDC platform, US Autodesk and Danish Sigma Estimates have formed a global partnership.

With Autodesk as the world’s leading 3D design platform and Sigma Estimates as leader in 5D BIM, the plan is to forge an even stronger link between the design phase and the construction and production phase, according to John Adams, Senior Industry Strategy Manager, Construction at Autodesk.  A link that, among other things, delivers greater profitability for building projects.

Together, Sigma and Autodesk can develop and mature the Autodesk BIM/VDC model, by targeting architects, consultants and contractors.  The close coupling between 3D and 5D BIM is crucial for achieving full project insight and overview and thus better managing the projects.  That is why we are pushing the 5D BIM offensive, explains John Adams.

The solution brings together design, planning and finance in real time

With a close integration and direct LiveLink between the Revit and Sigma programs, Autodesk and Sigma have already brought about a paradigm shift in the digital tools and methodologies used in the construction industry several years ago.

The solution, combining design, finance and real-time updates in Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) means decisions can now be made based on accurate information.  The close link constitutes the foundation of the future partnership, which is now spreading out across a global market taking a decisive step towards digital production platforms, according to Magnus Therkildsen, CEO at Sigma Estimates.

With a digital production platform, value created once in production can subsequently be re-used in other projects.  This is where architectural firms, consultants and constructors have begun to see how valuable data in 3D models can provide a basis for even more value in 5D models. This development is now accelerating on the back of this close partnership, explains Magnus Therkildsen.

5D BIM ready for next big win

The 3D wave has already rolled over the industry, but now it is all about 5D, which is set to be the next big win by BIM. This is due to the big gains foreseen by Magnus Therkildsen in time savings, error minimization, automation of quality assurance, as well as better co-ordination and understanding between project managers and designers.

5D is also about data management, where data flows freely into other systems. In addition, 5D provides data to subsequent processes such as Planning and Facilities Management etc. and therefore we are seeing 5D being adopted in earnest right now by architects, consultants and contractors etc. says Magnus Therkildsen.

The partnership between Autodesk and Sigma Estimates is based on both a technological and commercial set-up.

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