How cost estimators are disrupting the construction industry and enabling full BIM execution

According to McKinsey, the global construction industry can boost productivity on projects by some 50-60%. For General Contractors aiming at leapfrogging to a more efficient construction paradigm, the partnership between BIMobject® and Sigma Estimates delivers a promises tangible value.

End-to-end BIM is more than WHAT we build. To deliver on the BIM promise of efficiency, resource optimization and quality, the process must support HOW we build. Which means that the BIM/VDC process must move from the conceptual and design phase and into preconstruction and field execution.

In this new territory for full BIM execution, the contractor needs data for Planning, Purchasing, Sub Contracting, Cost Management and information for Project Close Out. If the cost estimator is using a tool like Sigma, integrated with for example Autodesk BIM360 or Revit, all the above data are available at-a-click.

This way of working with full 5D BIM represents a potential for significant productivity improvement. And for many in the construction industry, this represents a revolution in efficiency and transparency. But it is a readily available solution, already implemented in several large and small construction companies.

But the train is only just gaining speed – the partnership between BIMobject and Sigma Estimates, offers a potential revolution in productivity, by putting the cost estimator front-and-center in disrupting the efficiency of the construction industry! has the full story – and you can read it here

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