There is an easier, faster way to obtain accuracy – improve your takeoff!

The burden on the shoulders of modern estimators is daunting. Projects get more and more complex, the scale and scope of estimating increases, market conditions are volatile with prices fluctuating – and each specific project needs to be evaluated in terms of site constraints, clients financial position, buildability and location.

The professional estimator needs to get all this right – overestimating will mean losing the order, underestimating means the company will lose money and colleagues their jobs. No wonder, estimating is a stressful job!

That’s why we’re sure professional construction estimators will love the new integration between PlanSwift and Sigma. It reduces time from takeoff to finished estimate about 40% and increases accuracy. On top of that, you can add all the benefits of having a professional estimating tool to control your margins and ensure, that you are NEVER forgetting a component again.

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