Get More Accurate Estimates by Easily Access to Historical Cost Data

At Sigma, our goal is to help you, the estimator, create more accurate estimates in a fraction of the time. We do this our built-in validation tool,  so you can easily check your estimate for a number of conditions, such as 0’s in the Unit Cost field, with one click!

Reduce the additional work of a conventional spreadsheet

If you need to make changes to your spread sheet, such as match a competitor’s price, you may want to prepare yourself for hours of work.  This process might include tracking your calculations all the way back through your spreadsheet, and even if you have time for this, the risks involed with manual changes are difficult to do with any degree of confidence. Furthermore, you will likely see errors in your estimate,  or worse you may find yourself relying on an educated guess.

Sigma Built a System to Prevent and Idenfiy Errors & Get More accurate Estimates

Our goal is help improve estimating accuracy and redundancy. We do this by creatting easy processes importing data and a system that is designed to reduce errors. For Example, Sigma integrates into either your own pricing databases or widely used construction industry pricing databases like RSMeans data by Gordian, you will always have the latest specifications and prices in your estimate.  With Sigma, one click of a button is all it takes to update it with the most recent pricing. Get more accurate estimates with our estimating software.

Get an overview of your estimate and adjust your price directly on the summary sheet

Once your estimate is finalized, it is easy to drill down into the cost of each building part, as well as view the total cost of the entire construction project on a summary sheet.

Sigma automatically provides this functionality.  As soon as a change is made in the summary sheet, the calculations will automatically flow back through all the building sections and related calculations.  This makes it easy to check what difference a small adjustment in the total price will have on the project’s profitability, all the way down to the individual building parts.

So, instead of “guesstimating” and hoping your estimate is accurate, you can adjust the prices of building part or the entire project based on the latest industry information with the confidence that your proposal estimates are watertight and ensure that you will make money if you win the bid.

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