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2019 Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating

Maximizing Collaboration & Integration Across the Entire Preconstruction Lifecycle

Discover best practices and tools for the entire preconstruction life-cycle.

It is no longer enough to manage costs in a silo, and with more complex projects, and fluctuating market trends, estimating and bidding accurately is of utmost importance. Access RSMeans cost data directly from within Sigma – your powerful estimating platform – to significantly improve your workflow, add flexibility & functionality and reduce manual data entry! 

Stop by Gordian’s booth on Tuesday, May 21, at 12:45 PM for a “Partner in booth spotlight” with Magnus as he presents a live demonstration on how to improve your cost estimating with Gordian’s RSMeans data access within Sigma.

Maximize value in preconstruction & win more work with Sigma & RSMeans cost data. Take the 14-day free trial today

(RSMeans sample data included).