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From Design and Throughout Field Execution

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Learn how to connect Design and construction through easy and quick updates to your estimating workflows by leveraging Sigma combined with BIM 360 and Revit integrations.

  • Design from 2D and 3D connected to estimating in real time, for easy quantity takeoff and understanding changes to cost

  • Simulate and accurately bid how it is to be built, creating full 5D understanding and transparency by leveraging historical cost and assemble databases, and past learnings from the field execution

  • Construct without delay, ensuring a head start by delivering valuable information to the field from estimating: Cost Management, Planning, Purchasing, Quality Control and Project close out

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Magnus Therkildsen  – CTO and Co-founder, Sigma Estimates

Magnus is the Co-founder and CTO of Sigma Estimates, a company that works extensively with BIM and 5D estimating and has led Sigma to become the leading estimating platform in northern Europe. Magnus is a keen advocate of open integration standards in software development and one of the original members of the Construction Open Standards Alliance. With a Master’s in software and engineering, Magnus Therkildsen has been working with BIM and construction technologies for more than 15 years. He continues to learn and inspire by pushing the limits of what is possible.

Josh Cheney: Industry Manager – Construction Technology, Autodesk

Josh has a passion for construction technology and uses his 15 years of industry experience to manage the BIM 360 integration community. His deep experience in ERP, Bid Management, Construction Management, and BIM software enables him to identify leading technologies that further enhance the power of Autodesk’s BIM 360 platform

About Sigma

Sigma provides an estimating platform for construction projects and is the leading solution for BIM projects with standard integrations and an open API to connect all workflows across 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D – to simplify the time consuming and arduous task of translating data from design into pre-construction planning and enabling scheduling, cost management, QA and documentation all the way into the field and though to completed construction.

Do you want to see how much time Sigma can save you when estimating your construction case?

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