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So you know WHAT to build (3D)…

…But do you know HOW to build it? (5D)?

So you know WHAT to build (3D)…

…But do you know HOW to build it? (5D)?


Empowering BIM Field Execution though Estimating Data

The key to a full successful BIM project delivery is to not only to answer the WHAT (2D/3D) we’re going to build, but HOW we will build it (5D).

According to McKinsey, the construction industry can boost productivity on projects by 50-60% and they point to 5D BIM being one of the five main drivers in the changes to come. Here’s the good news: Leading construction companies are already deep into the new ways of working – and they tap into their cost estimators to improve productivity – also when it comes to BIM.

This Webinar will show you how to successfully do just that.

Based on ground-breaking work with some of the most ambitious construction and engineering companies, as well as learning from our more than 10.000 users of professional estimators, we will be sharing the learnings on how to achieve a much more efficient BIM process with full transparency and integration, fostering collaboration and better construction.

  • Successfully implement 5D BIM with cost estimating into a full BIM/VDC workflow
  • Drive full BIM efficiency through connecting stakeholders in the entire construction cycle and populating the process with relevant, actionable data for field execution around Planning, Purchasing, Sub Contracting, Cost Management, Quality Control and Project Close Out.
  • Create buy-in to the BIM process from the central source of data in the pre-construction process, the Estimator, through offering a best-of-breed tool, connected to the BIM process.
  • How to use Sigma as a key to unlock productivity gains in estimating (reduce time, errors, manual entry, frustrations) and boost BIM process performance by leveraging Sigma’s unrivalled live integrations to Revit, BIM360, RSMeans and BIMObject

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