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Your job is evolving – shouldn’t your tools?

Professional estimating is good for business

Estimating is about so much more than the right price of an item, assembly or project. Getting estimating right is at the core of construction management, because it influences your sourcing, your margins, your ability to plan and lead your workforce – and at the end of day, how satisfied your customer is with your company.

Therefore, contractors and sub’s around the globe are realizing how much value is to be gleaned by giving the right tools to their professional estimators. And right now, the most powerful tool to complete the journey from proposal to plan, is the seamless integration of PlanSwift and Sigma.

With the combination of these two cutting-edge software packages, you will be improving your construction business in several ways:

  • Save man hours invested in doing take off and estimating (many customers report time savings of over 75%)
  • Less re-work and no surprises when recalculating the project: You will quote with increased confidence, since all elements of the plans are in the quote
  • Better collaboration and a more efficient construction process will result from the seamless integration, producing quotes and BOM’s at the click of a button
  • Increased profits with the ability to control and set margins on both material, rentals, equipment and whatever else is in your cost base
  • Increased customer satisfaction by the improved flexibility offered – if anything changes in the plan (amounts), doing a recalculation and subsequent change order, is just a touch of a button.

All-in-all it’s good for a construction business to use the right tools. The industry has realized this for years in the field – now it’s time to bring that same level of professionalism into the office.

There is an easier, faster way to obtain accuracy

The burden on the shoulders of modern estimators is daunting. Projects get more and more complex, the scale and scope of estimating increases, market conditions are volatile with prices fluctuating – and each specific project needs to be evaluated in terms of site constraints, clients financial position, buildability and location. The professional estimator needs to get all this right – overestimating will mean losing the order, underestimating means the company will lose money and colleagues their jobs. No wonder, estimating is a stressful job!

So why is it, that many estimators don’t have access to the professional tools that would increase their ability to perform and allow them to have a higher level of productivity? Why are so many estimators left struggling with Excel, instead of a professional estimating tool?

From our research we know, that the two major reasons are:

  1. Lack of knowledge about viable, professional alternatives to Excel. The good news: You being on this page indicates that you are on the right track for a solution!
  2. The misconception by some estimators, that all the experience they have accumulated in prices and assemblies in Excel, will be lost when using a new tool. Here’s another piece of good news: With Sigma that is simply not true. Just import your data – and you are good to go!

It is also true, however, that some estimators resist trying something new. Well, the reality is, that the construction industry is evolving quickly and you can’t control it. So it is really a question of moving forward and embracing technology – or being left behind by your competition.

We understand that change can be difficult and demanding. Especially when the subject is estimating, with all it’s complexity. We have taken that into consideration and therefore offer all our customers:

  • Unlimited support by phone or chat with an advisor that know estimating!
  • Free set up session where we import your data from Excel and make sure you are comfortable and well on your way, completing your estimates with your new set of tools.

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