Sigma Estimates increases accuracy and reduces redundancy

Sigma gives you the tools to create more accurate estimates in less time! Don’t spend hours double and triple-checking your estimate. Sigma also automatically updates the underlying calculations for you to save you countless hours and the risk of duplication errors. And with Sigma’s validation tool, easily check your estimate for a number of conditions, such as 0’s in the Unit Cost field, with one click!

When you use conventional spreadsheets for your estimates, you spend most of your time setting up check-formulas, checking cell ranges and then double-checking your calculations. This is natural because one pricing error can have significant financial implications for your company’s earnings and reputation, so it is sensible to be thorough. Sigma frees you up to concentrate on the most important job at hand – winning the construction project.


Time is money, so why not save yours?

With Sigma, you do not need to write calculations to check your estimate.  Sigma formulates the necessary checks along the way and automatically collects the information for the summary overview sheet.

From here, you quickly eliminate mistakes because Sigma highlights errors and duplication in your estimate.  This means you can save all the time you would usually spend writing check calculations, leaving you free to concentrate on writing your best estimate to win the construction project.

Make estimating changes once, without extra effort

In a conventional spreadsheet, it takes a long time to make even relatively minor changes to your estimate because you must trace your calculations carefully back through the entire project, and then double check them.  Even worse is when you know there is an error in your pricing, but you just can’t find it!  You can eliminate all this time and effort with Sigma.

Sigma automatically updates all the necessary underlying formulas.  So, when you reuse the pricing of a building section from an existing project by just dragging it into your new project, Sigma automatically updates the whole of your estimate.

Estimating new building sections is easy!

You do not have to estimate every cubic inch of every single building section on the whole construction project.  Just concentrate on specifying the materials needed, and the pricing for the new sections of the building and Sigma will summarize them for you.  Continuously updated prices and specifications are available either from your own price databases, REVIT or RSMeans data, which are all integrated with Sigma.

Try it out now – see how Sigma helps eliminate errors and duplications

Do you want to eliminate errors and duplication in the cost calculations of your projects? Then download a free version of Sigma.

You will have Sigma installed on your computer in just a few minutes. You will you will be amazed how easy estimates are when checks and calculations are made automatically.