Partnership between Sigma Estimates and BNi Building News saves hours of estimating

Introducing the Sigma + BNi Power Bundle; BNi Building News partners with Sigma Estimates to offer a flawless digital workflow with cost data and estimating in one 

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Manual data lookup steals valuable time and exposes projects to unnecessary risk 

As an estimator, you probably spend valuable hours every day with tasks of manually looking up and transferring cost data into your estimates. This is a process that is not only time consuming and tedious, but prone to human error. With thousands of numbers to be transferred, combined with increased time pressure, it is not hard to imagine how mistakes can happen for even the most diligent estimators.  

Data integration and digital workflows offer a better alternative 

Because you don’t have much time to create an accurate estimate, an up-to-date database of cost is an extremely valuable resource to have. Using cost data directly from within your estimating tool will give you more time to find competitive advantages and improvthe accuracy of your estimates.  

Not only is the process of looking up and using prices almost instant with a few clicks, but in Sigma you are able to build extensive assemblies that you can simply drag and drop into estimates. As you build your library, it will become extremely fast and easy to put together the estimates. 

Now you can combine your data and estimating tool in one with not 1, not 2 but 8 cost books combined into 1 complete data set!

BNi features

The complete data set froBNi consist of 8 construction cost books combined into one fully digital and easy to use version. It features up-to-date costs for all the materials, labor and equipment that you would typically use, and you can instantly adjust to any region of the country. Whether you are preparing a preliminary estimate, evaluating a contractor’s bid, or submitting a formal budget proposal, you’ll find the data you need. 

Lay the groundwork, build upon it 

Most estimators will not rely on commercial cost books alone. Although data might get you 75% of the way, you need to adjust for local labor conditions, pricing from your local suppliers, and so forth. In Sigma you can keep expanding your libraries or cost databases based on your own experience, or you can import price list from your suppliers. Most estimators like to build libraries of assemblies that can be used on different projects, and this not only increases accuracy but reduces the time spent on an estimate. You can do this and more with Sigma and BNi. 

Whats more:  

Thanks to extensive integrations and open API in Sigma, you can furthermore link live to your takeoff through PlanSwift and your 3D models through Revit or BIM360 – connecting your cost data through Sigma with your designs directly in one platform further enabling you to improve your workflows and get on-board with BIM.



It is easier than you might think to move into this way of working 

If you are new to this, you can download a free trial or get a demo from our team. Through your Sigma trial, you will have access to a sample of the BNi construction cost data, so you can experience for yourself how easy it will be when you can access your data directly in your estimate.  

And once you are ready, you can get started with the world’s fastest growing cost estimating software, including BNi’s exhaustive cost data for all types of estimates, with no upfront investments and low risk monthly subscriptions from as low as $117 

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