Optimize Takeoff with Cost Estimating Software

Optimize Takeoff with cost Estimating Software

Getting your construction takeoff right is crucial to a smooth and successful build. When the takeoff is wrong, the estimator is working with inaccurate information, and the entire project is jeopardized from the start.

An accurate takeoff, on the other hand, lays a solid foundation for the estimator, contractor, subcontractors, and client to work together effectively and efficiently. 

That’s why cost estimating software is one of the most valuable tools in a contractor’s toolbox. The right solution enables construction professionals to craft a complete takeoff with precise quantities your team can depend on.

Choose the Right Cost Estimation Software

Choosing the right cost estimating software is the single most important thing you can do to optimize takeoff. So how do you find the best solution for you?

Your cost estimation software should have several key features:

A specific focus on takeoff.

As projects grow more complex and the market fluctuates, estimators need a more targeted and advanced platform to navigate the takeoff process. Sigma was built with common takeoff challenges and pitfalls in mind. Because our cost estimating software was specifically designed for construction, it’s equipped to help you manage the meticulous takeoff process from original design plans to final construction drawings.

The right integrations

Your cost estimating software needs to play well with others, or it’s destined to become another siloed tool your team struggles to adopt. Sigma offers seamless integration with PlanSwift, an estimating tool that excels at takeoff. Thanks to Sigma’s open API, users can synchronize data across both platforms, automatically updating your estimate with quantities entered in PlanSwift. And PlanSwift’s added functionalities reduce the time from takeoff to finished estimate by roughly 40 percent.

The highest level of accuracy

Effective cost estimating software improves takeoff accuracy by giving you a clear picture of all the moving parts of your build — no matter how large and complex the project.

Sigma enables you to see the complete scope and requirements of a project so you can allow enough time to do takeoff correctly. Sigma makes it easy to manage timelines, expectations, and collaboration, even when multiple estimators and contractors are involved.


Sigma’s construction cost estimating tool is designed to optimize takeoff with accurate insights and the right integrations. Discover how Sigma makes planning and managing construction projects faster and easier, from takeoff to finished estimate and beyond.

We’d like the opportunity to solve your estimating challenges.

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