Cost Database Construction

Easily Access Your Cost Data with Sigma Estimates

Integrating Cost Database Options

The biggest worry when considering switching to a new estimating solution, is figuring how you will get your be able to safely migrate your cost database. We understand that accuracty is key as your cost data is what feeds your current estimates. Plus, is  what isused to predict some future costs. For that reason, we have created safe and simple options for importing your data. First you can import your own price books into sigma. For example, by uploading data from an Excel sheet or supplier. Second, you leverage one of our use an integration to directly connect to BNI cost database or RSMeans. Finally, you can always build a cost data from scratch.

Cost Database Construction Integrations Available with Sigma

BNi Cost Data

Access the complete collection of BNi construction cost data directly inside Sigma. BNi cost data’s digital availability in Sigma puts accurate and up-to-date material and labor costs available at a single click allowing you to move past the days of manual cost lookup in books, and into a better, more streamlined and flexible way of accessing all the data you need to complete your estimates.

RSMeans Cost data

Access RSMeans data, one of the industry’s most trusted resources, directly within Sigma. Use our seamless integration to include today’s most recent and relevant costs in your estimate. This data set is aimed primarily at estimating commercial and industrial projects or large housing projects costing $3,500,000 and up.

Your Own Databse

Store or import building parts from previous projects, including their accurate cost prices in your own database. You will always have the data available when you start a new project and can easily add them to your estimate, and modify them to suit the current project. Import price lists from your suppliers, to ensure you know the actual cost price. Plus, combine your own data with the once from BNI or RSMeans.

How to Import Cost Database Construction in Sigma?

Watch: How to do import a CSV file pricelist

Customers Testimonials

With Sigma implemented across all countries, our design and development teams will get a digital estimation workflow, with everyone having instant access to updated data. In addition, the production managers will gain a better financial overview throughout the entire construction process because data can now flow freely between Sigma and our other systems

Patrik Lindvall

Global Head of VDC, Bonava

Sigma is a fast, flexible and precise tool in contrast to, for example, a spreadsheet. It is possible to reuse actual data from previous projects, and there is a direct link to the standard local cost databases, like RSMeans, ÅF or Molio.

Bo Grave

Rambøll Group

If I had to be doing math all day, it would make my job a whole lot harder. It’s much easier when the math is already done. You just have input the dimensions and then it does the calculations. Hourly wages, material costs, and any carpentry costs with the markup for whatever job you’re doing, and it puts it all together

Matthew Morck

Estimator, Oakwood Contractors, Inc.

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