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1. Excel Like User Experience

Sigma has from the ground up been designed to look and feel like the familiar Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, the underlying hierarchal structure, custom templates, smart assemblies and drag and drop lets you build estimates quickly and without broken formulas.

2. Adaptable Structure – Works for Any Estimate

In addition to the spreadsheet interface and functionality, Sigma also offers a customizable break down structure that can be adjusted depending on the project and what type of estimates format is needed. Simple drag-n-drop lets you rearrange the estimate or add items from other projects that are similar.

3. Commercial Cost Database or Build your Own

Finding and using information from cost databases is easy in Sigma. Using inline quick search or simple browsing, Sigma gives easy access to cost databases like RSMeans and BNI Cost data. Likewise, your own cost databases can easily be created from historical data or components from a commercial cost database.

4. Resource Overview

Summarizing Materials, Equipment, Labor and any other resource is done in a single view in Sigma. By selecting an item in the WBS, that item is summarized by categories. This makes it possible to easily create material lists and understand the labor required. It is also possible to edit the summarized data, making it very easy and fast to update items in the estimate in one place and have the updates automatically distributed thru out the estimate.

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5. Advanced Profit and Markup Management

Sigma provides a Summary of the estimate which shows you the costs, overhead, profit and sales price. By default, all margins are handled automatically and can be further adjusted by use of the Adds and Cuts window. The built in smart formulas allow for adjustments top down or on a specific line item in the estimate, and these last minute changes are made without formulas breaking and everything still adding up correctly.

6. 2D/3D Live-Link Quantity Takeoff

Quantities from 2D drawings and 3D models can be connected directly to the estimate or imported through spreadsheets. Sigma integrates directly with best in class software like Planswift and Autodesk Revit/BIM 360. Sigma’s integrations are a live link to the plans or models and provide one-click visual inspection and understanding between estimate and drawing or model.

7. Slice and Dice for Analysis and Simulation

Sigma provides pivot table functionality with the Insight views. The Insight view makes it possible to resort the estimate based on any data in it. The resorted view of the estimate can be shown in a hierarchical breakdown or through various graphs. This makes it a very powerful tool for analysis or simulations, as well as delivering valuable data to colleagues and documentation.

“If you really want an easy software to use, something that doesn’t get too complicated, this is something I’d recommend”

Matthew Morck
Estimator, Oakwood Contractors

“The flexibility, feature set, and affordability make Sigma a no-brainer for someone looking to move away from Excel.”

Derrick Oltmann
Managing Director, Mclenco Construction Services, Inc.

“The ease of use and the ability to filter and sort the information in many different ways are great features of Sigma Enterprise.”

Fatlum Troshani
Project engineer, Build Health Internaltional

8. Reporting and Documentation

Reports and documentation can be created and formatted as PDF documents or sent directly to Excel. The design engine can customize the PDF reports to have all the information you require, together with your logo, for professional looking reports. Sigma is installed with more than 20 reports, including a proposal letter, estimate summary, material list, complete project cost reports, and others.

9. Collaboration and Data Sharing

Working on larger projects and across roles, Sigma has several functions that helps collaboration and ensures consistency. Estimates can easily be divided up among several estimators if needed and recollected. This ensures that individual estimators can focus and work in designated parts of the estimate and still be aligned with the team in structure, unit prices, etc.

10. Estimate Validation and Workflow Support

Sigma’s Validation tool is essential to creating a final, accurate and complete estimate. The Validation tool is used to notify the estimator of possible oversights, such as items with no unit cost, a profit margin below a certain level, or missing categories. Double clicking on an item in the validation report leads directly to the appropriate item in the estimate.

11. Open Configuration and Integration

A unique feature in Sigma is the ability to adapt and integrate into almost any business and workflow. Sigma comes ready out of the box with templates and integrations to cost databases and other software. With Sigma’s open API, custom configurations, integrations and applications can be made to optimize existing systems and workflows, and to fully utilize the valuable data created in the estimate.

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