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Integrations and apps

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Integrations and apps

Sigma interacts with a lot of different softwares - go and see it for yourself!
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Improve workflows with integrations and apps

Sigma integrates with other programs and formats for a seamless data transition.  It ensures a consistent workflow, minimizes errors, and increases efficiency.

Built-in integrations such as seamless Excel import/Export and smooth integrations with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, PDF, iFC and many more are already available in Sigma.

  • Microsoft Office programs
  • 2D Takeoff
  • 3D Models
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Accounting and ERP Software
  • Document management
  • Open format software

Open API and file sharing

The open API allows for you or others to write Sigma Apps, that may connect to webservices, or other software. It lets you create custom functions in Sigma, such as special data validation or data manipulation. This allows for optimized use of your data and BIM content to mitigate manual errors, and save you the trouble of starting over all the time.

Sigma makes it easy to share your estimates and databases. Upload your files to the cloud and collaborate with your team via Onedrive, Dropbox, Sharepoint or Buzzsaw.

Take advantage of Direct Live Link to Autodesk Revit and BIM 360

Through a global partnership with Autodesk, Sigma expands its options to let you create a 5D model directly from a 3D model in BIM 360 or with Revit Live Link – in one click!

Leveraging Sigma with RSmeans data though integration with Revit, users gain direct access to cost and estimating tools through all stages of the project life cycle.

This unparalleled and easy to use digital tool from Sigma Estimates is created for the AEC industry to gain a quick and easy way to create a 5D BIM/VDC model, budget or cost estimation from a 3D model or connect an existing 5D model.

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