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Combining 3D BIM and 5D BIM in real-time.
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5D BIM/VDC - done right!
Sigma Estimates and Autodesk Revit combine 3D BIM and 5D BIM in real-time – ensuring one central model for all project stakeholders!
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Next generation estimating for 5D BIM

Sigma Estimates is the next-generation 5D BIM/VDC software for the AEC industry; built to be a BIM estimating platform, Sigma gives users an extremely advanced yet user friendly and intuitive solution. Unlike alternative solutions, Sigma is 100% adoptable and object-oriented like the fundamental principles of BIM.

BIM – through the building cycle!

The next step in the evolution of BIM – bringing 5D BIM into the workflow and connecting Design, Pre-Construction and Field Execution. Build a live connected full 3D-4D-5D BIM/VDC model with Revit, BIM 360 and Sigma:

  • Bring 3D design quantities into your cost estimation and budgeting
  • Visually understand and explore the 3D model from a cost and activity planning perspective
  • Collect and share your historical cost and 5D BIM information for future projects
  • Slice´n dice and validate all BIM data for quality control and extended workflow integration
  • Connect the BIM workflow from design, pre-construction and throughout the Field Execution with 5D BIM through cost estimatio

“5D BIM is an extremely powerful & exciting concept. Gordian is very pleased to partner with Sigma Estimates to provide the cost data needed to power 5D BIM.”

Bill Pollak, CEO at Gordian

5D – How you build

With improved efficiency increased profitability, reduced risk, less need for changes and rework, construction professionals use 5D BIM to effectively construct and manage future projects. The platform provided by Sigma will enable users to embrace the next level of 5D VDC workflows as it offers easy to use, and time saving options for users of any level to participate effectively.

Harness the power of cost data

Bring together design, planning and finance in real time – Like the fundamentals of BIM, this platform is based on objects and works seamlessly through all stages of the project lifecycle and can be combined with the integrated power of RSMeans data or build on your own historical data to make it adoptable to any project size or complexity.

The opportunity to combine design, finance and real-time updates means decisions can now be made based on accurate and up-to-date information to minimize risk, improve collaboration, and save time – through one central model for all project stakeholders.

Let Sigma bring your organization to the next level of BIM

Download a free trial. You will be able to collaborate at a higher level with the entire project team throughout the project lifecycle in minutes. It requires no special skills to get started- everything is easy and intuitive, just as you would expect from Sigma!

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So you know WHAT to build (3D)…

…But do you know HOW to build it? (5D)?

FREE WEBINAR; Nov 28 @ 1 pm EST

Empowering BIM Field Execution though Estimating Data

So you know WHAT to build (3D)…

…But do you know HOW to build it? (5D)?

FREE WEBINAR; Nov 28 @ 1 pm EST

Empowering BIM Field Execution though Estimating Data