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Live 2D takeoff with Sigma and PlanSwift

Your 2D takeoff and estimating workflows just got a whole lot easier and much more elegant

Takeoff is absolutely critical to get an estimate right. From the original design plans to the final construction drawings, staying on top of changes, and arriving at the correct take off, can be difficult. The Sigma/Planswift work flow minimizes mistakes.

The integration to Sigma allow users of PlanSwift and Sigma to leverage the same information back and forth across both applications. With this real-time Live Link, it is possible to complete takeoffs in half the time, while substantially minimizing the risk of error than with the traditional manual process.

PlanSwift is the fastest and easiest to use software for accurately completing construction takeoffs on your computer screen. With PlanSwift’s visual point-and-click interface, users can drag and drop individual products or assembled product groups directly onto a digitized blueprint.

That’s why we are extremely excited about our live integration with PlanSwift.

  • Save time: avoid the need to import or re-enter data between takeoff and estimate
  • Increased confidence: be certain that all the takeoff items are in the estimate
  • Improved work flow: Create your WBS as you do the takeoff
  • Higher accuracy: use tested assemblies from your library, and take them off in Planswift
  • Track changes: move deleted takeoff items to an Alternate in Sigma keeping the estimate history
  • Automatic updates: modified takeoff amounts in PlanSwift are automatically brought into Sigma
  • Transparency: select a component in Sigma, and highlight that item in Planswift
  • Speed: do multiple takeoffs in Planswift, and refresh them all at once in Sigma

The videos below demonstrate key ways the Sigma PlanSwift integration can improve your takeoff and estimating workflows.

Takeoff while you estimate (video 1):

Whether you add items individually and do the takeoff or drag in assemblies from your Sigma Libraries and then take them off, or simply start typing and have Sigma make suggestions from your Quick Library to take off, Sigma and PlanSwift together can save you enormous amounts of time while increasing your accuracy.

Transparency through highlighting (video 2):

Understanding what quantity is used in what estimate line item is crucial for accuracy and quality in estimates. The PlanSwift Sigma integration helps you gain a visual understanding. By selecting a component in Sigma and clicking on the Highlight button in Sigma, all of the takeoffs in PlanSwift that make up the quantity for that item are highlighted showing exactly where the quantities come from.

Adjust takeoff (video 3):

Sigma helps you quickly adjust your takeoff quantities either directly starting from Sigma or by adjusting the takeoff in Planswift. The Live Link always makes sure the quantities in your estimate is updated. Even if changes are made on multiple drawings at the same time.

Bulk takeoff (video 4):

Sometimes your estimating workflow dictates that you create your takeoff items in PlanSwift first. Sigma has anticipated this and by simply clicking the bulk Import/Update Project button in Sigma the entire takeoff from PlanSwift comes into Sigma and Sigma will even retain the PlanSwift folder structure.

Don’t have PlanSwift plug-in?

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