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Sigma - Estimating software

Estimating and 5D BIM platform
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Sigma - Estimating software

Feels like Excel, performs like a Peterbilt. Used by thousands of professional estimators.
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Unlock true construction estimating excellence with Sigma

Sigma is a natural progression from Excel, while providing a better user experience – built specifically for construction – to build accurate estimates that are priced not only to win the job, but also to ensure profits. All this in just a handful of steps. Get the birds eye view on how in the 3 min video, or read more below…

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The familiar feel of Excel

Sigma works just like a Microsoft Office program. Working in it feels just like Excel.

  • Fast, smooth, and easy data entry
  • Customizable templates
  • Easily share files with co-workers and clients

No errors or broken formulas

Sigma’s built-in formulas always work, so you never have to worry about calculation errors again. Sigma even alerts you when you leave a cell empty.

Any questions? – Sigma Support is always free! 

Platform that fits all sizes and types of projects

Sigma can handle all projects- no matter what size or type. The hierarchical structure in Sigma helps you maintain an overview while fitting your project exactly. Include extra notes, numbering formats, links, and images to make it your own.

Drag and drop to reuse historical data

Sigma makes it easy to move items from your database to your estimate, and vice versa, with a simple and familiar drag and drop function.

Whether you use items from your previous projects, from price databases or lists of materials from your suppliers, the simple drag and drop feature save you from typing in the data, and thus reduces the risk of errors.

90% of ordinary spreadsheets contain errors – Many critical!

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Get the 14-days free trial

Get more insight

Sigma’s insight view provides a comprehensive look at all project markups and adjustments, including gross profit, overhead, and allowances for risk and fees.

Adjust data from here and automatically redistribute it throughout the estimate.

Get a list for just about anything

With a few simple clicks, Sigma can extract any data you need, from all or only a certain part of your estimate. For example:

  • Material order lists
  • Activities with descriptions and durations
  • Supplier lists
  • Accounting and job costs
  • Descriptive quantities
  • Quality assurance and key items
  • Custom numbering or coding

Make changes from these lists and they update the entire estimate.

Any questions? – Sigma Support is always free! 

Custom reports and structured printouts provide gives your project a professional look

Sigma creates reports in PDF format, ready to save, print, or share.  Design your own report or choose from our standard templates:

  • Proposals and purchase orders
  • Customer quotes
  • Estimates
  • Material lists
  • Quality assurance reports
  • Management reporting

Share your projects

Sigma makes it easy to share your estimates and databases. Upload your files to the cloud and collaborate with your team via Onedrive, Dropbox, Sharepoint or Buzzsaw.

Integrate with other programs

Sigma integrates with other programs and formats for a seamless data transition.  It ensures a consistent workflow, minimizes errors, and increases efficiency.

Use Sigma with programs like:

  • Microsoft Office programs
  • 2D Takeoff
  • 3D Models
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Accounting and ERP Software
  • Document management
  • Open format software