Maximize Efficiency between 2D Takeoff and Estimating Workflows

Save Time 

The Sigma + PlanSwift integration is built using real-time Live Link technology, that allows you to perform takeoff and build the estimate quickly between systems. For you, that means a significant reduction in time spent importing or manually entering items in the estimate. For example, if you modify takeoff amounts in PlanSwift, those same amounts can be automatically updated into your Sigma estimate.

Improve Accuracy

By leveraging the Sigma + Planswift integration you will significantly minimize the potential for mistakes by improving accuracy using tested assemblies from your library. Take them off in PlanSwift with the ability to track changes – deleted takeoff items and modified takeoff amounts – from PlanSwift that are systematically updated into your Sigma estimate.

Feel Confident

The transparency between the takeoff and estimating workflows will have you feeling confident in your work, but if you still have a question between the two, you can easily select a component in Sigma and the same item will be highlighted in Planswift. To make sure you’ve included everything, Sigma’s flexible system allows you to create your work breakdown structure as you do the takeoff.

Sigma & PlanSwift Integration
Popular Features

Create informational transparency using cost and planning accuracy

Connect and utilize data with 2D and 3D design

Create and deliver data for planning and field execution - 5D estimating data

Build up and share cost and assemble knowledge from historical projects

Extend functionality to related relevant workflows and processes with the Open API

Challenge Accepted.

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Tedious and time-consuming manual data entry (overwhelming, complex quantity takeoff and detailing)


Inaccurate Bid due to data entry errors and omissions


Errors and oversights due to constant transfer of data from different documents


Difficulty tracking design changes, updating budgets and creating live breakdowns

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4 Steps to Get Started: Sigma + Planswift Integration

Sigma and PlanSwift together will save you enormous amounts of time while increasing your accuracy. See how in this Quick Wall Takeoff.

Use the highlight items feature to stay ahead of the competition by knowing what quantity is in each estimate line item.

The Live Link always makes sure the quantities in your estimate are updated in real-time. Even if changes are made on multiple drawings at the same time.

Simply click the bulk Import for the entire takeoff from PlanSwift to be published into Sigma while maintaining the structure.

Why Choose Sigma?

Estimate More Accurately to Make More Money

In Sigma, you have a powerful estimating tool that makes accurate proposals. Basing your quotations on estimates made by Sigma, you can be sure you pursue projects you make profits on. The Summary sheet presents an overview of your estimate. If you change the total price in your quote or make any changes, your gross margin will automatically be recalculated, and you can see the impact of the change at the level of individual building parts. This lets you get sharper with your pricing, allowing you room to negotiate pricing without destroying your profits. Estimate more accurately to make more money with Sigma and takeoff estimating software integration.

Create a New Estimate with Planswift

The Takeoff Estimating Software integration is designed to let you build your estimate in Sigma rather than have to export the takeoff from Planswift, import it into Sigma, and do a lot of sorting to build the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). For instance, if you use a standard CSI WBS, you could review the plans, and build your Div 9 WBS structure for drywall by dragging and dropping assemblies from a Sigma library into your estimate.

Sigma’s Planswift integration gives you control over the 4 Planswift takeoff buttons (Area, Linear, Segment and Count) from inside Sigma.

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Add the detail of your estimates easily

You can then begin to add the pricing details and material quantities for each section, working in the same methodical way as you would if you were building it. This logical workflow gives you confidence that nothing is missing, and saves you hours of work.

Optimize Takeoff with Takeoff Estimating Software

Getting your construction takeoff right is crucial to a smooth and successful build. When the takeoff is wrong, the estimator is working with inaccurate information, and the entire project is jeopardized from the start.

An accurate takeoff, on the other hand, lays a solid foundation for the estimator, contractor, subcontractors, and client to work together effectively and efficiently.

That’s why takeoff estimating software is one of the most valuable tools in a contractor’s toolbox. The right solution enables construction professionals to craft a complete takeoff with precise quantities your team can depend on.

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Reuse existing estimates or build your own database

When you have finished and saved an estimate, you can reuse these estimates for new construction projects by importing building sections from an existing project into a new one. You do not need to update any formulas because Sigma does it for you – the only thing you need to change is the pricing and quantity.

In this way, you will gradually build your own database of estimates for building parts that you regularly use. Then you have them ready for the next construction project you need to estimate in Sigma.

Our general contractor estimating software makes your life so much easier.

With Sigma Estimates, review your estimates on the Summary sheet

As you complete price and quantity details for individual building sections, the total price of the construction project is automatically summarized on the Summary sheet. From here you can drill back down into the pricing details for each section if you wish.

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At Sigma we believe there is a better way to do construction cost estimating. That’s why we built an estimating software built for and by professional estimators. Our mission is simple, we want to improve efficiency and accuracy for construction companies who are estimating.

✓ It’s Free and Without Obligations

Sigma 14-day free trial is completely free and there’s no string attached. Learn how Sigma can help you make more money and estimate more accurately now.

✓ Integrations Included

Includes sample cost data from BNi and RSMeans and you can add our free integrations (PlanSwift, BIM360 and Revit)

✓ Access to Technical Support

With Sigma, you get free support always! You’ll get useful links and resources to help you once you’ve filled out the form. For any questions, call us at 1 877 657 4462 (toll-free) or 1 646 790 7158 or email us at [email protected].

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