Ramboll in BIM/VDC offensive – signs global agreement with Sigma Estimates

As part of a clear strategy of having a strong and standardized approach to project estimation and 5D BIM, engineering and consultancy company Ramboll has signed a global agreement with Sigma Estimates A/S.

The expanded agreement gives all employees in Ramboll access to the Sigma program, allowing them to generate accurate cost estimates to ensure healthy financial performance for their building and construction projects.

The group agreement with Sigma will ensure that additional employees can work more efficiently when providing pricing and quantity estimates. We will distribute Sigma widely within the company so that we have a more standardized workflow, explained Bo Grave, Integrated Business Technology at Ramboll.

Bo Grave points out that when working with a live link between Sigma and design program Autodesk Revit, changes in 3D modelling are reflected throughout the process so that design, estimation, and pricing documentation etc. evolve together, providing a continuous financial overview. Thus, the customer gets a live, accurate view of project finances from conceptual drawings to construction documents.

Sigma in several countries

Rambøll Group employs 13,200 people in 300 offices in 35 countries. Ramboll has built a solid relationship with Sigma in Northern Europe, and is excited to introduce Sigma into more countries.

Sigma is a fast, flexible and precise tool in contrast to, for example, a spreadsheet. It is possible to reuse actual data from previous projects, and there is a direct link to the standard local cost databases, like RSMeans, ÅF or Molio. says Bo Grave.

Access to real-time switching between 3D modelling and project cost overview

The agreement between Ramboll and Sigma includes direct Live link switching between 3D construction and design program Autodesk Revit, and the 5D Sigma program. This means that Ramboll employees can connect the 3D model directly to Sigma to provide a real-time cost overview, using price books or data generated within the company.

With Live link between 3D and 5D Ramboll employees can make choices based on absolutely accurate information, and thereby minimize the risk of errors in design, procurement and construction, ensuring the most accurate pricing possible for projects – says Magnus Therkildsen, Managing Director of Sigma Estimates.