Sigma’s Referral Partner program is now live

Looking for ways to be a part of the construction estimating world? Are you finding yourself reaching a ceiling in your growth? Are your prospects looking for something much more than what you can currently offer them? Whether you’re facing the above concerns or not, aligning yourself with a partner who can open a plethora of prospects for you is one of the most effective strategy you can employ. A Referral Partner can be worth a lot more to your business, especially when the partnership is formed between the right businesses.

We at Sigma Estimates are proud to announce that our Referral Program is now live!

At Sigma Estimates we believe in mutually beneficial relationships, and we strive to work with partners, who are as passionate as we are about improving estimating and the everyday lives of professional estimators.

Our referral partner program offers a platform and community to enable brand ambassadors, influencers, and other partners to grow their revenue, broaden their offerings, and increase lead generation by working together with us. Forming a strategic partnership with Sigma is a win-win situation that mutually benefits both the partners by opening up access to new markets, customers, products and resources.

Become a Referral partner today: