Get started fast

Sigma is the most user-friendly professional estimating software on the market.  It provides the user a direct path to easier estimating, sharper insights, and significant time savings.  If you’ve worked in a spreadsheet before, you’ll learn Sigma in no time flat.


Choose which projects to bid

Entering data into spreadsheets is a disaster waiting to happen- broken formulas, bad keystrokes, and more.

Sigma’s trusted platform eliminates those errors and gives you the flexibility of using data from past projects too; ensuring faster and more precise calculations.  Trust your numbers to help you in your bid or no bid decisions.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office

Sigma integrates with Office applications, including Excel, SharePoint, Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics.  Easily add data from those files into Sigma for your future use.

Cost databases like RS Means are also available for purchase, giving you even more tools at your fingertips for sharper and quicker estimates.