Prevent mistakes by reusing knowledge

In this business, knowledge can mean the difference between profit and loss. Sigma has built-in databases that allow you to store historical data in cost libraries. As your company’s knowledge and experience grows with each project, so does your shared company-wide database. Your bids become sharper and more detailed every time you add a new item.

Save time and be more accurate

Reusing accurate cost data gives you a solid foundation to build each new estimate upon. Account for everything by using your library of materials costs and labor production based upon your actual projects for increased accuracy, and save time in the process.

All costs are actual

Creating and updating costs for items you use often, such as equipment rental or redi-mix prices, gives you the advantage of better bids and less risk.  Keep your costs current each time they change with just a few quick keystrokes.

Learn from previous jobs

Sigma databases not only save you time and effort, they also help you decide which projects to pursue. Bid the jobs you are comfortable with and pass on the ones you aren’t.