Sigma is Made by Estimators, for Estimators

Sigma is Made by Estimators and for Estimators!

When estimating software is made by people who don’t know the ins and outs of the construction industry, it shows. They simply don’t understand estimators’ unique needs and the challenges they face. That’s why experienced estimators were involved in the development of Sigmas’ Estimating Software, and why they continue to steer our updates and customer support to this day.

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No spreadsheet formulas to break

With traditional spreadsheets, one stray keystroke can break an entire estimate. Sigma does all the calculations for you — item, unit price, quantity — and always updates them accurately. Avoid hours of work tracking down mistakes and create precise estimates quickly and confidently.

Templates and libraries save time and ensure accuracy

With takeoffs, you can’t afford to miss any detail. Sigma’s estimate templates and libraries let you save the pricing information and assemblies you use every day. Drag and drop data into new estimates without the risk of a broken formula or misplaced decimal point.

All of your historical data is preserved

Do you have thousands of items and unit prices stored in Excel spreadsheets? Sigma lets you import all that data into a new easy-to-access library. Your sortable, searchable Sigma database lets you find the cost of that unique material from a year-old project with just a few clicks.

You gain a competitive edge

Sigma integrates with PlanSwift for takeoff, Autodesk Revit for 5D BIM, and the RSMeans construction database for the latest cost information. It also integrates with Microsoft Office and common ERP, accounting, and document management programs. With Sigma, you’re always poised to take advantage of the latest technology and stay a step ahead of the competition.

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