RSMeans Data

Take the guesswork out of estimating with RSMeans Data in Sigma

RSMeans Data Features in Sigma

Increase Efficiency

Improve Efficiency by Eliminating Manual Data Transfer.

Automatic Updates

Improve your Workflow, Add Flexibility & Functionality, and Reduce Manual Data Entry.

Up-to-Date Cost Information

Strong and Up-to-Date Material, Labor & Equipment Costs.

Instantly access Gordian’s RSMeans Data Within Sigma

Because labor and material costs change often, it is important to utilize accurate and up-to-date cost information in preparation of estimates and budgets. RSMeans data has the key information you’re looking for, including location indexes, productivity rates, crew composition, as well as contractor’s overhead and profit rates.


No need to export out data for take-off, project management etc.


Increase accuracy with the most current and up-to-date RSMeans data


Directly link RSMeans data to a 3D model with Sigma’s Live integration to Autodesk Revit


Directly link RSMeans data to a 2D drawing with Sigma’s Live integration to PlanSwift

Streamline the creation of estimates with Sigma + RSMeans data

Sigma + RSMeans Cost Data Power Bundle

Looking for the most widely used construction cost data resource?

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Other RSMeans data by Gordian available

RSMeans Estimating Unit Cost Data

– Concrete and Masonry
– Electrical
– Green Building
– Heavy Construction & Light Commercial
– Interior & Mechanical Cost Data
– Open Shop BCCD
– Plumbing Cost data
– Commercial Renovation & Residential
– Site Work and Landscape

RSMeans Estimating Unit Cost Data (incl. assemblies)

– Mechanical assemblies
– Plumbing Assemblies
– Electrical Assemblies
– Site Work
– Concrete and Masonry
– Heavy Construction
– Interior
– Green Building

RSMeans Composite Estimating Unit Cost Data

– Commercial
– Civil
– Facilities
– Master Union

RSMeans Composite Estimating Unit Cost Data (incl. assemblies)

– Commercial
– Civil
– Facilities
– Master Union

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