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Earn more money and spend less time in your office

Sigma gives you more time with your customers; time to earn more money by spending more time on the construction site.  It helps you avoid unprofitable construction projects so that you and your teams are always working on the best projects – Sigma let’s you get out and build!

Spend less time in the office and get out to your customers

Sigma lets you save up to 85% of the time you would normally spend on estimates. You will benefit from a more consistent workflow and gain a solid platform for more profitable projects.

Learn how to save time with Sigma!

Make more money on your projects

Sigma makes it easy to estimate the right price for your work and easy to spot the unprofitable projects, so you don’t lose time and money pursuing them.  With integration to market leading price databases, you’re sure to estimate a great price and get an accurate overview of the materials needed for the job.

Learn how to build accurate estimates with Sigma!

“Sigma allows us to bid on more projects without compromising the high-quality service that our customers have come to expect for nearly 10 years”

Lars Printz President and Founder


“It’s so adaptable and easy to use. It pays for itself with one job.”

Matthew Morck Estimator, Oakwood Contractors, Inc.


Send professional-looking quotations to customers

With Sigma it only takes one click of a button to print neatly formatted estimates and proposals for your customers with all the information they need. It will be easy for you and your customer to gain a common understanding of scope and agree on the project at hand to avoid long explanations or misunderstandings. You will be able to provide professional documentation to support you as the trustworthy contractor you are.

Learn how to prepare better estimates with Sigma!

Avoid unnecessary trips to the building suppliers

Sigma lets you print a complete bill of materials, so your employees do not need to make unnecessary trips to the building suppliers.  This makes everyone more efficient, and gives customers a better impression of your business.

Learn how to manage supplies easily with Sigma!

Improve your bottom line

With Sigma, you will always know the going rate for work in the construction industry, which will give you a stronger position to  negotiate job rates to help you grow your bottom line.

Learn how to increase your profits with Sigma!

Try Sigma for free in a 14 day trial period

without any obligations

Sigma Personal

choose between 1, 6 or 18 month


Based on a 6 month contract

Try Sigma for free in a 14 day trial period

without any obligations

Sigma Personal

choose between 1, 6 or 18 month


Based on a 6 month contract

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Get the profitable business you’ve always wanted with Sigma

When you became a self-employed contractor, you were probably surprised at just how much time you had to spend in the office.

With Sigma, you will have more time to get on site and do what you love instead of sitting in the office all day.

Using Sigma, you estimate and prepare quotations in the same logical way as you would build them. This makes it much easier to use than a normal spreadsheet.

Prepare estimates in the same logical way as you would tackle building the project

You’ll see life is easier with Sigma from the minute you start your first estimate.  You prepare estimates in the same logical way that you will build the project.

You’ll add the different building parts and details about materials. Then you estimate them by retrieving pricing and material amounts from online pricing databases or your own historical data.

Estimate more accurately to make more money

In Sigma, you have a powerful estimating tool that makes accurate proposals. Basing your quotations on estimates made by Sigma, you can be sure you pursue projects you  make profits on.

The Summary sheet presents an overview of your estimate. If you change the total price in your quote or make any changes, your gross margin will automatically be recalculated, and you can see the impact of the change at the level of individual building parts.

This lets you get sharper with your pricing, allowing you room to negotiate pricing without destroying your profits

Send your estimate with the click of a button

One of the biggest time-wasters is writing your estimate and proposal. Even if you already use a self-made template, all the pricing and material information needs copying from your estimating spreadsheet and putting neatly into your proposal if you want to give a professional impression of your business.

All that work is reduced to the click of a button with Sigma.  It generates all relevant documentation and even the accompanying letter in PDF format for you to send to the customer. Everything is professionally formatted, including your business’s logo. The document gives all the estimate information you want your clients to see.

Get everything you need with one trip to the building suppliers

You can print a materials list and work schedules with a single click, so you’re ready to go with your project the minute you win it.  The materials list shows you exactly what you need so your employees can get it all in one visit to the building suppliers, avoiding unnecessary trips back and forth, and giving your customers a much better impression of your company.

Strike a better deal with your employees and subcontractors

Sigma gives you a great platform to strike better accords with your own employees and better deals with eventual subcontractors.

Sigma also tracks project deliverables and provides integration with pricing databases, allowing you to download the latest market rates for compatible jobs and mark up your work accordingly.

Try Sigma and see how easy it really is

Want to see how easy Sigma makes estimating?  Download a free trial.  You will quickly see how easy it is to spend more time with your customers, and less time on estimating, earning you more money as a result!