Tangible disruption: BIMobject starts strategic cooperation with Sigma Estimates

Taking time and mistakes out of the pre-construction equation spells a brighter future for the construction industry – add increased flexibility for simulation and manufacturing-style construction, and you have both developers and McKinsey jumping with joy. The good news? This is not a distant vision but the practical reality of this new cooperation.

By: Susanne Lund, Executive Advisor, Sigma Estimates

Disrupting the construction industry with the cost estimator in focus. BIMobject and Sigma Estimates launches strategic cooperation @AU2018.

Imagine being able to develop a serious proposal on a 100-story high-rise in a matter of hours, not weeks or months (and for the estimators: We are talking a very serious SWAG, not a WAG – complete with materials, wages and equipment, etc). We’re talking serious savings and increased flexibility for simulation, tailoring and sourcing.

Or the impact on government officials, when a budget for adapting a building to climate changes, is no longer a high-risk guess, but a proposal you can base your career on? Granted, a business model for exploring weak budgeting goes away (So I’ve heard) – but isn’t it in our mutual, sustainable interest to build better, at a predictable cost?

Adding cost estimating data to the BIM workflow improves productivity and reduces risk.

We have just released the news, that BIMobject® now integrates with Sigma. Searching for new objects in Sigma, using the BIMObject® catalog provides a fast and value creating process, where the properties such as instruction videos, resource links and classifications are carried directly into the “how” in pre-construction. With that, the above and much, much more is a reality, not a distant future.

Basically, all buildings are constructs of objects. Now objects in BIMObject® are available in Sigma with full 5D data, making objects available for cost estimating, planning and execution. And the data carries on to the construction process for use on-site.

This promises value to all parts of the construction value chain:

  • Precise Cost estimation is available already in the design phase, saving time and promising to develop projects with lower risk, better alignment with users and lowered project cost
  • Reduced resource in the design phase as object re-usage will increase rapidly, focusing creativity on value-creating differences and mitigating errors from manual processes
  • Improved constructability: Material Sourcing improvements (supply chain gains), site optimization and work force instruction available and distributed as project matures.
  • Improved maintainability: Complete documentation ready for hand-over, including data for maintenance of all parts of the project.

Interestingly, the above is achieved without adding extra resource to the process and at the same time taking tedious manual data re-entry out of the process. The answer is simply to make new tools available to the estimator and integrate the data in the construction management process.

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