The Cost of Using Excel vs Estimating Software

The Cost of Using Excel vs Estimating Software

If you use Excel spreadsheets for estimating, you’re already familiar with their limitations. But aside from how annoying it is to deal with mistakes in formulas and calculations, the frustrations of Excel spreadsheet estimating can cost your business dearly. Furthermore, to deliver fast, accurate estimates and succeed in a competitive industry, you need more than a free, generic estimating template. The hidden financial cost when using Excel vs. Estimating Software:

1. Customizing Excel is Tedios

Bottom line: Excel wasn’t built to be a construction estimation tool. It simply does not have the capabilities of software designed specifically for estimators, like Sigma. Instead, you’re forced to wrestle with Excel’s basic features and try to manually customize spreadsheets one at a time — a major time-suck.

2. You can’t collaborate in Excel

With takeoffs, you can’t afford to miss any detail. Sigma’s estimate templates and libraries let you save the pricing information and assemblies you use every day. Drag and drop data into new estimates without the risk of a broken formula or misplaced decimal point.


3. Simple formula mistakes can derail a project

Let’s face it: Excel is a hotbed for human error. A small price discrepancy can snowball into a disastrous and expensive miscalculation. The more complex your project, the more mistakes crop up, and it’s not easy to find them before it’s too late. Sigma removes the danger of data entry errors by storing formulas and automating even elaborate calculations.

Sigma Looks and Feels like Excel with Built-In Features to Improve Accuracy, Increase Speed and Flexible to Your Workflow.  Are you ready to learn how Sigma gives you greater control over your time and expenses and empowers you to scale cost-effectively? 

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